Where & Who

  • On-site, full-time for 4 consecutive weeks.
  • C-suite owns transformation initiative - I partner directly with CxO and up to 4 add'l senior leaders.
  • Decision-makers required: Communications (int/ext), HR, Operations, Digital/IT/Security.

What We Agree

  • Upon delivery, if you are not satisfied and confident in our working relationship and recommendations to move forward, I'll waive 100% of the advisory fee based on standard rate contract.
  • Client responsible for travel expenses & $200 per diem (per diem total applied to contract extension).
  • Client must be able & willing to dismantle bureaucracy and implement policy changes from Day 1.

Why This Offer?

  • Following months of listening to your feedback, risk and visibility weigh heaviest on your minds. This approach distributes risk, allows for a chemistry check, and presents you with clear next steps.


Thomas Irre

I'm a multi-path generalist and natural INTJ / learned ambivert. I play well with others and shift easily across disciplines and cultures thanks to diverse, global experience leading cross-discipline onsite & remote teams, technical sales and marcom.

If you need a different approach to culture and teams, an alternative view of "equity," and adaptable ways to engage, we should talk. đź“ž


What Happens After The Initial Month?

  • With mutual confidence established, we move forward with a co-authored plan and look at the broader organization through a microservices lens.
  • It might include a new scope, building on existing success, or revisiting a previously underdelivered initiative.
  • I'll add a further guarantee to outperform any previous contract with a Gartner Magic Quadrant™ or Forrester Wave™ ranked partner - guarantee details TBD based on review of intention of original scope, resourcing and contract duration.
  • Want more? Ask me.