Where & Who

  • On-site (regional - Central/Northern Virginia, Southern Maryland, D.C. area), remote, or hybrid.
  • Business owner and/or senior management.
  • In some cases I'll work directly with existing software supplier/technical consultants to integrate systems.


  • Small Businesses are a unique challenge. Less is almost always more when it comes to technology.
  • I'll assess your current systems, workflows & security, interview stakeholders, and make recommendations.
  • Implementations are typically completed in steps to avoid business disruptions.

Why Not Just Contract an "IT Guy?"

  • I love IT people because I can (mostly) speak their language. Most small businesses don't have full time IT staff. I prioritize the Information component of IT so the humans in your business can prioritize work over software headaches.


Thomas Irre

Just because Digital Transformation and DE&I are misrepresented for profit doesn't mean those categories don't hold critical & practical business value. A more realistic approach can help unlock that value.

Diversity trends in particular are hyper-politicized to the point that leaders and employees are afraid to ask relevant questions or examine readily-available data. The pressures of Digital Transformation are further complicated.

Get in touch and let me know what's on your mind! I'll help you reign it in. ­čô×

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Where & Who

  • 16 one-on-one discovery / strategy sessions per month, 1-hour duration
  • C-suite and senior leaders, strictly 1:1 basis, non-transferable (the exception being permanent personnel change)
  • Multi-seat engagements may accommodate monthly / bi-monthly group alignment session


  • Discovery: radically candid exploration and validation of current state, desired state, and dream state
  • Ignition: actionable playbooks created on a simple, repeatable, narrative-based framework
  • Growth: playbooks get field-tested, continuously improved against agreed upon contexts, repeatedly validated, and measured against existing business KPIs (not fantasy KPIs invented to fluff a contract renewal)

Why This Model?

  • Sweeping, organizational/digital transformation was egregiously oversold and only gains traction about 25% of the time. Smart, surgical, repeatable ways of thinking & working are the future of change-leadership for businesses of any size.


Where & Who

  • On-site, full-time for 4 consecutive weeks.
  • C-suite owns transformation initiative - I partner directly with CxO and up to 4 add'l senior leaders.
  • Decision-makers required: Communications (int/ext), HR, Operations, Digital/IT/Security.

What We Agree

  • Upon delivery, if you are not satisfied and confident in our working┬árelationship and recommendations to move forward, I'll waive 100% of the advisory fee based on standard rate contract.
  • Client responsible for travel expenses & $200 per diem (per diem total applied to contract extension).
  • Client must be able & willing to dismantle bureaucracy and implement policy changes from Day 1.

Why This Offer?

  • Following months of listening to your feedback, risk and visibility weigh heaviest on your minds. This approach distributes risk, allows for a chemistry check, and presents you with clear next steps.