Where & Who

  • 16 one-on-one discovery / strategy sessions per month, 1-hour duration
  • C-suite and senior leaders, strictly 1:1 basis, non-transferable (the exception being permanent personnel change)
  • Multi-seat engagements may accommodate monthly / bi-monthly group alignment session


  • Discovery: radically candid exploration and validation of current state, desired state, and dream state
  • Ignition: actionable playbooks created on a simple, repeatable, narrative-based framework
  • Growth: playbooks get field-tested, continuously improved against agreed upon contexts, repeatedly validated, and measured against existing business KPIs (not fantasy KPIs invented to fluff a contract renewal)

Why This Model?

  • Sweeping, organizational/digital transformation was egregiously oversold and only gains traction about 25% of the time. Smart, surgical, repeatable ways of thinking & working are the future of change-leadership for businesses of any size.


Leadership success is a ripple effect, it's meritocratic, and it's unwalled. What does it mean?

  • It means continuous & controlled disruption, by people who have the DNA to re-write the game (not follow the old one), unconfined by office walls.
  • It means planting a thousand seeds instead of trying to stand-up 1 fully grown redwood.
  • It means pitching pebbles at a target instead of triggering an avalanche and hoping for the best. (read more about the Pebble Principle)

Unpacking Transformation 2020, a multi-part series, outlines the mindset shift that's required for the future of transformation and serves up a flexible framework for discovery, ignition & growth.


  • 1:1 remote work may serve as an introduction to an on-site POC or expanded engagement.
  • In the case of start-ups or lower headcount SMEs, remote engagement may be able to deliver your full scope of needs.
  • This model is a natural extension of longer engagements for ongoing evolution of transformation efforts.